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The Prayer Trust has moved!
Our new address is:

The Prayer Trust
St Columban's
Widney Manor Road
B93 9AB

About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting the home of The Prayer Trust on the web.

The Prayer Trust was started in 2000 under the leadership of Father Pat Sayles.  Having spent years in Peru as a Columban Father, Fr Pat is aware of the uplifting  power of prayer across the world.  Originally based at Our Lady & St Benedict's Church in Wootton Wawen Fr Pat is still driven to spreading prayer.  Taking advantage of modern 1st world benefits such as computers and printing presses Fr Pat, through The Prayer Trust, is able to continue the work of bringing people closer to God through prayer. 

church photo

The Original Prayer Trust HQ - Our Lady & St Benedict's Church


The Prayer Trust does all it can to encourage the use of prayer by everyone, everywhere.  One simple prayer can be the turning point in someone's life, the key that unlocks the treasures of God's love!  Our hope is that those who use these little books will want to share them with others - with friends and relatives, with neighbours and colleagues, with those who might be ill or suffering, or those who feel far away from the Lord's love.

The Trust is a non-profit making charity and only seeks to recover the cost of publishing in order to produce new materials for sharing.  We have established a network of friends who share this vision.  They share the vision by literally sharing the booklets with others!  As well as at home, books have gone all over the world, especially to help schools in poor parts of Africa for example.

By requesting some of our books you become part of this work, helping to make it possible to achieve The Prayer Trust's aim ~ to share prayer everywhere!